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Supreme Auto Electrics offers a comprehensive range of advanced diagnostics and automotive electrical services to ensure your vehicle operates at its best. With expertise in using main dealer and other cutting-edge diagnostics tools, we can efficiently tackle any task required. From diagnosing and repairing wiring faults to resolving module failures in all modern vehicles, our skilled technicians are fully equipped to handle any challenge. Our ECU mapping services cater to both economy and performance needs, with each file tailored uniquely to your requirements, including EGR and DTC deletion. Additionally, we supply and code new and used control units for all integrated vehicle systems across most makes and models. Our DPF cleaning service utilizes professional, effective, and environmentally friendly methods to clean clogged and blocked diesel filters, ensuring optimal engine performance. Furthermore, we offer same-day service for car key cutting and coding, with a wide range of keys in stock for most makes and models. Trust Supreme Auto Electrics for all your automotive needs, where excellence meets efficiency.


Advanced Diagnostics

Discover the pinnacle of automotive care with Supreme Auto Electrics' Advanced Diagnostics Service. Our expert technicians utilize cutting-edge tools to swiftly identify and resolve any issues your vehicle may encounter, from electrical faults to module failures. With a commitment to excellence and thorough diagnostics, we ensure no problem goes unnoticed. Trust us to keep your vehicle performing at its peak and you safe on the road.

Car Mechanic with Tablet

Auto Electrics

Supreme Auto Electrics provides comprehensive auto electrical services with a skilled team and cutting-edge equipment. From diagnosing and repairing wiring faults to handling module failures in modern vehicles, we ensure efficient and effective solutions. With a commitment to staying updated on industry advancements, trust us to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely.

Car Key

Car Keys Cut & Coded

At Supreme Auto Electrics, we offer swift and reliable car key cutting and coding services. With a wide range of keys in stock for most makes and models, we ensure same-day service to get you back on the road quickly. Trust our expertise for precision key cutting and seamless coding, providing you with peace of mind and convenience..


Control Units

Supreme Auto Electrics provides comprehensive control unit services for all integrated vehicle systems. Whether you need new or used control units, our expert team supplies and codes them for most makes and models. Trust us for reliable solutions to keep your vehicle's systems running smoothly and efficiently.

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DPF Cleaning

Experience professional and environmentally friendly DPF cleaning services at Supreme Auto Electrics. Our advanced methods effectively clear clogged and blocked diesel particulate filters, restoring optimal engine performance. Trust our expertise to ensure your vehicle meets emission standards and operates efficiently on the road..

Car Dashboard Controls

ECU Remapping

Experience optimised engine performance with Supreme Auto Electrics' ECU remapping service. Tailored to your specific requirements, our economy and performance mapping enhance your vehicle's power and efficiency. With EGR and DTC deletion options available, trust us to unlock your vehicle's full potential while ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

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